DC Metals, Inc. was founded by John “Don” Cherry in 1956.  Through innovation and the hard work of Don and his sons, Ray and Craig, his grandson Dan, and his granddaughter, Cindy, DC Metals, Inc. is truly a family business.  DC Metals, Inc. after 50 years of business, continues to serve the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Area, providing service to locations throughout Northern California. No job is too small for us to process.

DC Metals, Inc. purchases all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.  These are then processed and supplied to domestic and international foundries to be manufactured into new products. As a certified recycler in the State of California, DC Metals, Inc is an expert at handling and processing scrap metal.  DC Metals, Inc. uses state of the art equipment, which enables the recycling of material in the most reliable, clean, and efficient manner. 


DC Metals also delivers containers to a broad range of clients for the clean and convenient transfer of scrap metal.  Once these containers have reached full capacity, DC Metals exchanges the container, weighs the materials, and promptly pays the customer top market prices.

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